Access vents

Access vents

The space formed between the raw floor of a building and the final ceiling or between the wall structure and the plasterboard structure can be an appropriate location of the technical route. To access these installations, for maintenance and repair purposes, it is recommended to install access hatches. Access hatches are an indispensable accessory for the drywall system (plasterboard), which offers designers and builders greater freedom of space management by combining functionality, aesthetics and maintenance facilities.

The plasterboard access hatch allows visiting hidden elements (HVAC equipment, valves, appliances etc.) in the ceiling or walls for current operation or overhaul, without obviously affecting the architectural line of the surface on which it is installed.

Fields of use and benefits:

Hatches are used in residential, non-residential and industrial areas and offer a wide range of advantages such as:

  • Economic, quick and easy installation for any type of application (wall, ceiling, tiled walls)
  • Customizing works and easy inspection
  • Optimal access even in case of rigorous revision
  • Design freedom

Depending on design requirements, no matter where they are applied, in the wall or ceiling, hatches can be ordered in the desired configuration: with or without fire protection, with different thickness, in areas with normal or high humidity.