Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Absolute security and competence

Fire is a serious threat to the safety of people and goods, so the best way to protect yourself from the damage that may result from a fire is to focus on the tested and certified systems of the best companies in the industry. Here there is no space for creativity, there is no freedom of choice, so Baustoff + Metall sells only tested systems that fully comply with the regulations in force.

With regard to fire safety objectives from a protection perspective, they can be achieved by taking protective measures. These measures can be classified as: active protection measures and passive protection measures.

Passive fire protection systems are designed to prevent the spread of flames, smoke and toxic gases in the event of fire and allow the safe evacuation of persons. They block voids in walls, ceilings and floors caused by the penetration of pipes, cables and joints in areas with fire risk.

Baustoff + Metall has all the necessary measures to limit fire propagation through passive fire protection systems.

Our strong point is represented by the dedicated technical department, which ensures the quality of the execution and implicitly guarantees the quality of the passive fire protection system.

Our experts will always be at your disposal to offer you:

  • Training of staff on site
  • Technical support throughout the project implementation process
  • Specialized technical consultancy